Take the right steps towards brand ‘ME, Inc’

Why do some people just light up the room the moment they enter into one? Why do some people become influential or why some people’s presence is so pleasing? The answer is simple- they are true to their brand! Let us explain, in today’s professional world, only being good at work isn’t enough. You should be able to sell your […]

9 lessons to pick up for your career from Goddess Durga!

Navratri is a nine-day festival in which nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped. People in different parts of the country celebrate this same festival differently. Though they worship the same deity, performing different rituals. When it’s about celebrating the 9 avatars of women, let’s look at how these goddesses teach us so many things that stand true in today’s […]

From Marketing Lingerie To Marketing Tech!

Written by Vineeta Wagh – Lead – Product Marketing (Mi Brand) at Xiaomi India for Shenzyn 5 Things that helped me embrace a starkly different field in Marketing ‘Women don’t really understand tech’, how often have we heard this? There are zillion stereotypes that surround us and this is one of them. To be honest, I too was intimidated with […]

Belonging – The missing ingredient in your inclusion policy

A few weeks ago a colleague at work beautifully explained ‘Inclusion’. She said that there are two facets to it- one is to promote equity (and not equality) i.e fair treatment and the second is to promote the sense of belonging i.e you feel accepted for who you are. Diversity and Inclusion are listed today as one of the top […]

Boss Ladies, this ‘Mother of All Lists’ is all you need to conquer the world!

If you are a boss lady or on the way of becoming one, we hope this curated list of EVERYTHING IMPORTANT serves you well. Go ahead, maximize your potential and achieve what you deserve! Podcasts Podcasts around the world are gaining popularity. Have you started listening to a few podcasts? This is the ideal time to put those headphones, relax […]

Bossladies, how are you spending your quarantined time?

When was the last time you watched the sunset by sitting in your balcony sipping a relaxing cup of tea? Well, this is the time to do it.  We know, the times are difficult, full of uncertainty. We as women tend to worry about many things already and now, it’s added to our list of things to worry about. Family’s […]

Human Resources Management Practices

“Human Resources are like natural resources, they are often buried deep, you have to go looking them, and they are not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves”- Ken Robinson HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Managing Human Resources is challenging as compared to managing technology or capital market. To manage Human Resources […]

Live your interest!!!

Living your interest equates to bringing Columbus, Einstein, Galileo of yourself out, Why do we act differently in our country when it comes to umpiring talent and gifting an opportunity? Largely we’re in belief, layer of academic decides which field an individual is capable and qualify to be in and less of freedom for people want to shift work space […]

Reasons for Corporate Companies to Opt Off- Site Team Building Activities

Reasons for Corporate Companies to Opt Off- Site Team Building Activities These days, many companies show a lot of interest in building activities to bring the employees together at one platform. Companies indulge in recreational tasks that allow people to interact with each other and improve their social skills. These are some of the reasons why companies opt for off-site […]

A chance to odd one out!!!

Every so often, post completing HR interview we contemplate whether to pick or not to? Answer is nearly every time. A few key aspect every recruiter should watch over in an applicant before decision. Prophecy – Technology world advancing next level and driving through future focused line of attack, one should have a sight to visualize, enhance skills, learn, modulate […]