Climbing the Corporate Ladder: Strategies for Women’s Career Advancement

Introduction: In the dynamic and changing corporate environment of today, women are breaking down barriers and advancing significantly in their careers. But in many businesses, there is still a gender imbalance at the top levels, even with the advancements. For any individual, a corporate ladder climb can be difficult, but women frequently encounter particular difficulties. This blog will discuss tactics […]

Breaking Barriers: Women Pioneering in STEM Fields

Introduction: In the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), which is always changing, women have been tearing down barriers, dispelling myths, and making important contributions. Though historically underrepresented in these disciplines, the story is beginning to change as an increasing number of women are succeeding in STEM fields and entering the field itself. This blog examines the remarkable […]

Five Reasons for Women to Choose Career in IT

It is one of the biggest dreams for everyone to obtain a promising career in information technology soon after college. However, back in the days, women had been underestimated while choosing a career in the IT sector, and most of the jobs in technical fields were male-centric. Perceptions regarding a career in IT have changed over time, and the number […]

How Women Can Resume Their Focus on a Career After a Maternity Break

Career break happens irrespective of gender and is mostly inevitable. No one wants to leave their job unless there is some specific reason or an emergency. Nonetheless, women have more chances of having a career break compared to men during their maternity period. They often lose track and focus on their careers involving themselves in maternal duties and find it […]

5 Tips for Women Returning to Work After a Career Gap

Everyone has a duration in their life where they have to take a career gap due to various personal reasons. Women specifically have to deal with career breaks due to maternity leaves, mostly taken for 6 months or more as taking care of a child and self-health care is not less than a full-time job for at least that period. […]

5 Reasons Women Leadership Is Important in Organizations

The world is and has constantly remained in determined demand of great leadership, be it in national politics or in business. The qualities that are usually considered to be part of a great leader are not gender-dependent. However, due to the social perceptions surrounding women and men in power, a woman taking on a leadership role will usually lack encouragement […]

Ain’t no hood like motherhood!

When I first heard about Motherhood Penalty, I was shocked beyond imagination! All my life I have seen moms not only working full time but kicking ass while doing it. My mother, while raising 2 daughters and staying with a joint family would cook meals for the entire family and catch a morning 8AM train for her full-time job, would […]

Why do women always dominate in household worrying?

As India is suffering through the second wave of Covid, most of the professionals are working from home. In many ways, we have become more independent and innovative when it comes to surviving without stepping out or maids and other household help. But even today, women are taking care of most of the household work. They are doing it along […]

Should we still be celebrating Women’s Day?

It’s 2021, it’s time for equality, why celebrate Women’s Day on such a big scale whereas we can celebrate equal rights and opportunities. I was asked many questions ahead of Women’s day when we were thinking of Women’s Day campaign ideas. It made me think for a bit as well, are we overdoing it? Is there another way to celebrate […]

9 lessons to pick up for your career from Goddess Durga!

Navratri is a nine-day festival in which nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped. People in different parts of the country celebrate this same festival differently. Though they worship the same deity, performing different rituals. When it’s about celebrating the 9 avatars of women, let’s look at how these goddesses teach us so many things that stand true in today’s […]