Here’s why Equal Pay Day matters!

It was Equal Pay Day on 24th March that represents the raising awareness about the gender pay gap. In India, the awareness is still at a low level, because we are dealing with pressing issues like women education and employment. But on an international map, the day was a symbolic gesture of bridging the pay gap between genders.  Every country […]

Belonging – The missing ingredient in your inclusion policy

A few weeks ago a colleague at work beautifully explained ‘Inclusion’. She said that there are two facets to it- one is to promote equity (and not equality) i.e fair treatment and the second is to promote the sense of belonging i.e you feel accepted for who you are. Diversity and Inclusion are listed today as one of the top […]

Human Resources Management Practices

“Human Resources are like natural resources, they are often buried deep, you have to go looking them, and they are not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves”- Ken Robinson HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Managing Human Resources is challenging as compared to managing technology or capital market. To manage Human Resources […]

Create Happy People, Not Just Successful People @ workplace

In last 2 decades of corporate life, I have interacted with people across organizations age groups, geographies. One of the key things I observed is that about not being “happy” at the workplace. What surprises one is that this is not different for the folks working for top notch companies, are some of the high performers and are getting high […]