Belonging – The missing ingredient in your inclusion policy

A few weeks ago a colleague at work beautifully explained ‘Inclusion’. She said that there are two facets to it- one is to promote equity (and not equality) i.e fair treatment and the second is to promote the sense of belonging i.e you feel accepted for who you are. Diversity and Inclusion are listed today as one of the top […]

Boss Ladies, this ‘Mother of All Lists’ is all you need to conquer the world!

If you are a boss lady or on the way of becoming one, we hope this curated list of EVERYTHING IMPORTANT serves you well. Go ahead, maximize your potential and achieve what you deserve! Podcasts Podcasts around the world are gaining popularity. Have you started listening to a few podcasts? This is the ideal time to put those headphones, relax […]

What should we do if you are smarter than your boss ?

We all want to work with great boss’s, few of us felt in our career at least once that our boss is learning from us rather than we getting mentored by him. Always we get a feeling that we are capable of reporting to our supervisor’s boss. Reason being you want to learn more and grow like him, you always […]

How to Mentor Someone who doesn’t know what their career goals should be

“Career Goal” is a common word we hear in corporates often. Either you hear from management or supervisors. We ask our teams “Tell me about your career goals.” Most often we see quiet faces on this question by our team members. In these cases, how do you intend to give support and mentor. Before offering solutions, we’d like to propose […]